An FAQ list to help you understand how it works.

You can always trust the Compucare centre professionals to locate and solve the problem, no matter what it is. There's rarely a situation we can't address thanks to our years of experience and extensive knowledge. Trust us with your computer repairs in London, from water damage to software concerns.

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Fast service

We are always committed to deliver fast services.

Friendly support

We are happy to help you to solve all your devices issues.

Secure payments

We use only reliable and secure ways of payment.


We offer 185 days guarantee in all our services.

1. How long will it take?

We understand how difficult it is to be away from your computer, and at Compucare Centre, we understand. As a result, we make every effort to complete all repairs and services as fast and efficiently as possible. Our amazing crew of seriously skilled tech saviours can complete most fixes in 1-3 days. This is mainly due to the fact that we need to get a specific part for your computer or laptop. You may generally get your computer back home with you within 24 hours if you need it sooner and we have the part you need in stock.

2. How do I get in touch with you?

You can send us an email on :   info@compucarecentre.com

Or fill in our contact form : https://compucarecentre.com/contact-us/

You can always call us on : 0208.509.0038

You are more than welcome to visit us in our store : 16 St James Street

London E17 7PF

3. What documents do I need to start?

No documents at all , if you are sending you device, please provide the sending evidence,  your return address, your name and contact information.

4. How much does it cost?

When you come to us for computer repairs, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or extra prices. Our professionals will assess the issue, provide a solution, and provide you with a free quote* without charging you anything. Prices vary based on the service you require and the cost of the parts, but we will always provide you with a guaranteed price.



*If you choose to proceed with the repair, you will receive a free quote; otherwise, you will be charged £… for the initial evaluation.

5. What other help is available?

As mention in our services pages all kind of software installation, data recovery, network and device repair such as, desktop, laptop, mobile and Mac.

6. why should I choose Compucare Centre?

Our services are not only professional, but also personalised. We recognise that your computer is an important aspect of your life. We take the time to listen and can provide individualised recommendations while remaining cost-effective. Unlike other high-street repair shops, we perform all of our repairs on-site, so you won’t have to wait days for your repair.

7. How good do we deliver services ?

Because customer satisfaction is so important to us, we strive to maintain honest and open connections with our customers. We’ll always tell you what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and provide you options based on your requirements and budget.

We promise delivering vital service and to deliver it perfectly